self 💎

from fear to pleasure

Transform your fear of being seen into deep pleasure and joy. Rooted in your unique being. 

You know it.

Deep down. 

You know what you want to express. Your soul told you. Many many times. 

You journaled, you meditated, you did the work. 

You felt it.

"I'm going to show up. I'm going to show the world who I am. My unique passion, view, joy"

You created your instagram. 

You wrote your first post, you even hopped on stories or went live - and then it kicked in.

the fear of being seen 

"what if someone will judge me?"

"what will my friends from childhood think about me?"

"do I really have something to say?"

"there are so many people out there that do what I do. Am I really important?"

"do I really know enough to be talking about xyz?"

"what will my friends/ co-workers think about me when I start showing this side of me?"

And so you go back to hiding. 

You don't do the instagram live you wanted. 

You don't post the story that you wanted.

You don't share your thoughts, feelings, insights and wisdom that you wanted. 

You go back into your "safety". You do what everyone else does. What is "correct".


 Maybe it's even a bit successful. 

Maybe you get a couple of clients. 

But deep down, you're not happy, not satisfied. 

You don't feel seen. 

Cause there's always something that you're hiding. 

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I've been that person.

I was so afraid to show up.

I was so afraid to show the world my whole ME.

Afraid of being judged and seen.

Afraid of being labeled as arrogant, crazy or weird. 

But my souls calling was louder.

And so I started to heal, study, transform.

Knowing that what I have to share is of value.

I started my journey of deep devotion to my SELF...

...and I cracked the CODE...which I'm now sharing with YOU

welcome to....

the diamond self




...you express yourself from a deeply rooted confidence of who you are.

...you love every inch of your unique being.

...you show up consistently, not because you "have" to, but because you "want" to.

...being in the spotlight feels safe for you

...you feel confident + powerful to use your voice

...you own the space with confidence and presence

...you're aware of your boundaries and it feels good for you to communicate them 

...you radiat authenticity 

...it fills you with deep deep joy to show up and share your unique self


this is not another program that pushes and pressures you to show up "no matter what" or "feel the fear and do it anyway".

This is about deeply rooted confidence

Honoring your...





...unique flow of energy

...human design







the diamond self is a 3 month 1:1 container, where we'll transform your fear of being seen into 

pleasure and joy

What you'll get

5 x 1:1 coaching with me that'll include...

💎 uncovering and healing of blocks and fears

💎 embodiment exercises that will transform your fear into confidence

💎 my tools and secrets from over 25 years of stage experience

💎 actionable steps for in between sessions

💎 tools to strengthen your voice (energetically and physically)

💎 accountability and commitment - I'm there for you. I cheer you on. I hold you.


💎 empowerment (my defined heart will empower you, the minute you step into my aura)

💎access to my intuition

💎 a deeply unique process - always paying attention to your individual being

ready to be seen?

(I know you are)

It's my honor and pleasure to be there with you.

To empower you.

To hold your hand.

To remind you of your wings.

I'm here for you.

Ready to guide you back

to your

 💎 diamond self 💎


Hi I'm Cora,

I'm a trained opera singer, actress, reiki master and expert for embodied self-expression. 

I'm a 1/3 Energy Projector with a defined heart, Aquarius sun, Leo rising and Pisces moon.


I'm in love with individual uniqueness and the wild+free expression of it.

We're not meant to fit it. We're meant to shine. Each one of us in our own way.

I know that every single one of us is magnificent and powerful beyond measures. 

For a very long time in my life I was hiding my uniqueness. I tried to fit in so badly, which left me with an auto immune disease and a burn out. 

10 years ago I began my journey of self-discovery, self-love, healing and self-expression, which led me to amazing tools, systems and healing modalities.

Today I feel like myself. My unique self. I love to express myself and I know how to hold space for myself when I feel like hiding. 

In my work I use human design, gene keys, reiki, embodiment work, my extensive stage experience and my intuitive gifts. 

There’s nothing more beautiful for me than empowering you to embody + express your unique self.

Thank you for your BEING

Love, Cora

are you ready to shine?

If you have any questions, send me a DM

I love to connect with you. 

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