1:1 guidance (intro)

This session is designed to discover who you truly are. Without any conditioning or programming. 

Through the lens of human design and gene keys we'll discover your unique energetic blueprint.

You'll find out how you make decisions in alignment with your self and how you're designed to interact with the world

Together we'll explore where you're already living in alignment with your design and which parts of you are ready to be healed and integrated.

You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself and actionable steps on how

to embody and apply that knowledge in your day to day life. 

Through my intuitive guidance, my energetic abilities and my being, I hold a space for you where you feel safe to be seen

and truly see yourself.


It's your birthright to live life as your true, authentic, magical self and I can't wait to see you shine. 



NOTE: the sessions are open for projectors, generators and manifesting generators. 

Available in english and german.

diamond self

I offer this long term container for souls who are ready to fully embody their true potential. 

This process is deeply unique and transformational. 

It's for you if you desire a more continuous support in living your design and expressing yourself from a place of

deeply grounded embodiment of being. 

NOTE: the diamond self is only available after an intro session 

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