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My name is Cora, and I'm an artist, guide and coach for unique self-expression.

Unique Self-expression and the freedom, playfulness and peace that comes with it,

is my ultimate passion in live. 


As a singer, actor, performer and artist I’m living the embodiment of my own self-expression. 

I sang at Opera Frankfurt, went on tour through Germany as an actress, performed in front of thousands of people (I love it so much)

and sang at Carnegie Hall New York City. 


I create my own shows + videos that are full of magic and imagination. To learn more click here.

As a coach I'm reconnecting you with your own uniqueness.

There’s nothing more beautiful for me to see you stepping into your authentic power and beauty. 


I combine my knowledge about human design, reiki and gene keys with my almost life long

experience of deep inner work (yes, for me it literally started at the age of 3 AND I was born on my Pluto IC, which means

deep work from the beginning on). 


I’m a 1/3 Energy Projector with Emotional Authority.

The things I teach and work with, are things that I deeply studied (1 line) and experienced with my own body (3 line)

I am in love with all emotions and I have the ability to see right into your core being. 


My defined heart empowers everyone who steps into my aura, and I can’t wait

to empower you to fully express yourself with a feeling of safety, calm, pleasure and joy. 

An expression that is deeply grounded and rooted in the embodiment of your authentic self. 


I'm here to know, to transform and to revolutionize through my being and the way I live.

My sensitivity can literally hear the future and I’m deeply in tune with the symphony of the universe.


I have the ability to hear, see and sense your unique melody and I guide you back into alignment and resonance with it.  

If you’re ready to come home to yourself, to embody your unique energetic blueprint and

feel safe and sparkly when you express your being, you can find out more about my offerings here.

Thank you for your being.

I love you